ONE UNIFIED SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE Please join us every Sunday morning for worship at 10:15 AM.

Adult Ministries

Opportunities For Men & Women

Sunday School Classes

9:00 AM

F.L.A.M.E., Room #308,

Teacher– Class Members; Faith, Life and Me


In This Together, Room #303

Teachers– Doug & Lori Slack; For Adults with children at home

Crusaders, Room #315

Teachers– Alan Adler & Class Members; Nazarene Curriculum and DVD series


Faith & Friendship, Room #307

Teacher– Marvin Van Kley; Topical Studies


Second Course, Room #316

Teachers– Ralph Bright and Dave Carter and by Class Members; Discussion of Sermon Points


Truth Seekers, Room #318 

Teachers- Bill Taylor and David & Beverly Akers; Topical Studies and Christian Books