ONE UNIFIED SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE Please join us every Sunday morning for worship at 10:15 AM.

IUK Internship

Practical experience in filming, lighting, sound engineering, cameras, broadcasting, & livestreaming




-         Panasonic GH5 (Micro 4/3rds)

o  Become proficient in Operating System

o  Learn Lenses

-         Canon C200 (Super 35 CMOS)

o  Become proficient in Operating System

o  Learn Lenses

-         Building a base knowledge of how to record video

o  F stops

o  Frame Rates

o  White Balance

o  ISO’s / Gain

o  Shutter Speed

o  Dynamic Range

o  Vectors/Scopes

o  Histograms

o  Exposure

-         Learn fundamental recording gear necessary for Pro Filming

o  3 Axis Gimbals

o  Fluid Heads / Tri Pods

o  Handheld Cage Units

o  Other Necessary Gear


-         Learn how to run a Livestream

o  How do you Livestream?

o  Producer

o  Director

o  Camera Operators

o  Digital Content

-         Learn gear for Broadcasting

o  Black Magic Gear

o  Stream Deck

o  Companion

o  Boxcast

o  Pro Presenter

-         Learn Video Switching

Sound Engineering

-         This role will begin with an observation standpoint only.

o  Observing the sound man during the week when he’s mixing live events.

o  How to run a proper rehearsal

o  How to build a good mix

o  How to mix for in house live events VS. online

o  Allen & Heath Infrastructure // S5000 // Avantis // ME’s


-         Learn Vista EX Lighting Software & Console

o  This lighting is for live events

-         Knowledge of Physical Lights

o  ETC Source Four 750

o  Chauvet Rouge R2X Wash Pro

o  Chauvet Rouge R2X Spot Pro

Live Camera Operator

-         Shooting live services with multiple camera feeds

-         Learn how to be on a team with a Director in a Live Broadcast scenario.


-         How to Build a Story  

-         How to Direct & Produce a Film

o  Casting

o  You only get one take of your first shot

o  Using your gear effectively 

o  Multiple camera angles

o  Motion in your shots

-         How to Light a Set

-         Capturing Quality Audio 

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