Music Ministry

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A Note From Pastor Sarah:


After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to suspend choir until after the holiday season. With COVID cases on the rise, and with people traveling, we feel like this is a necessary decision to do our part in helping to reduce the spread. There will be no more midweek rehearsals, and we will not be singing in the morning services or at the Night of Christmas. We will reassess after the first of the year. Thank you so much for being flexible and understanding. You all have been great! Know that you are loved, and you have been prayed for today. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Celebration Choir

Our celebration choir leads worship during the 9 AM service. Members also sing in annual programs such as Sights & Sounds of Christmas. Weekly rehearsals require much discipline, as singers repeat different vocal lines until they are mastered. However, during this time, choir members also worship the Lord, share prayer needs and praises, and enjoy fellowship and laughter with friends. Rehearsals last 1½ to 2 hours. Everyone is welcome to join (no auditions).


Wednesdays at 6 PM, in the Music Wing & Worship Center (East Entrance)

& Sundays at 8:30 AM (Warm Up)

Modern Worship Team

Our modern band and vocalists lead worship during our 10:50 AM service. Occasionally, they will host nights of worship to raise money for charitable causes. Weekly rehearsals are combined with BELONG, a midweek ministry for young adults. After a devotional, small group discussion, and prayer, band members take to the stage to rehearse. Everyone is welcome to stay and worship during the rehearsal, which usually lasts 1½ hours.


Wednesdays, with devotional/small group at 6:30 PM, and practice at 7:30 PM, in the Worship Center (Main Entrance)

Tech Row

Our tech team manages sound, lighting, cameras, slides, and more. They are vital to the music ministry and Sunday-morning services overall. We're always looking for teachable volunteers to serve in this area.

Interest Form

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